FD Series Four-Dimensional Head

FD Series Four-Dimensional Head

Rotation Adjustment of Four Dimensions for Shooting at Any Angle: Base Panning 360°,Top Platform Panning 360°, Two Axes Tilting -55°- +90°and -90°- +90° Stepless Tilting or Locking.

Two handles can be folded to minimize size for easy carry.

Two Bubble Levels for Fast Leveling Adjustment

SIRUI Unique Safety Locking System for Safety and Precision Control

The base can be easily attached onto tripod with 3/8” screw.

Arca-compatible Quick Release Plate with Non-Slip and Wear-Resistant Rubber Surface.

Quick Release Plate has two sizes of screw for replacement, 1/4” screw and 3/8” screw which are locked tight with C-Shape latch.

Model: FD-01
Material: Aluminum sus304
Color: Matt Black
Rotation: 360°
Panoramic Scale: /
Diameter: 460mm /18.11inches
Horizontal Tilting: - / +90°
Vertical Tilting: - 90°/+55°
Height: 119.5mm / 4.7inches
Weight: 0.77kg/1.69lbs
Max. Load: 10kg/22.05lbs